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Here at Ribble, we do not limit women's choices of bikes to a women's specific bike range because put quite simply, not all women have the same body proportions, and neither do men. Everyone is different. Instead, each bike is of a unisex design and can be fully customised to find your perfect fit.

Simply select your size and choose customise. Depending on the frame size selected, our BikeBuilder tool will automatically select our recommended componentry sizes for you. Within BikeBuilder we offer customisation for more specific sizing and upgrades across handlebars, stems, crank arm lengths, saddles, gearing, wheels and more. You can add on accessories and even personalise your frame with CustomColour. You get to personalise the fit and specification, helping you build the perfect bike for you. For more information and advice please use our live video call function to speak to our team of bike experts or visit one of our stores to find out more.

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As women are proportionally different to men, with longer legs and a shorter torso it becomes even more important to get the right fit when buying a bike. There are bikes available on the market today which cater specifically for female cyclists. These bikes simply have a shorter top tube so the reach is reduced accordingly and are offered in different colour schemes. Such bikes are almost always going to be ‘off the peg’ bikes, this means that you buy the bike as seen with no options to change any of the component parts. Here at Ribble we do things a little differently because we don’t do ‘off the peg’ bikes. Instead we offer unisex frames that can fit a variety of riders from heights of 5ft up to 6’4”. To enable you to obtain the right fit for you we offer unmatched customisation options. This means that you can start your build with a unisex frame of your choosing and then go on to specify narrower handlebars to suit your narrower shoulder width, a shorter handlebar stem to adjust the reach, a female specific saddle and much more. Each women’s bike is custom built for you, to your specifications, truly your bike, your way.



Spend £350* or more with us and you can apply to spread the cost with our finance partner V12. We allow you to control how much deposit you want to pay - whether it's half the cost or nothing at all you can choose.

Classic Finance (14.9% APR) is over 24 or 36 months.

0% Interest Finance over 9 months is available on all Ribble bikes with the exception of Special Offer / Special Edition and Clearance bikes.

0% Interest Finance over 18 months is available on all bikes over £3,000.

Use this calculator to compare the options and see which finance option suits your purchase.