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Buying with a
cycle to work scheme

Save money on a new bike and spread the cost

Save at least 25% on bikes and safety equipment
  • Government-backed tax free bikes
  • Spread the cost over 12-18 months
  • Interest-free installments taken from your salary
We accept all major cycle scheme vouchers including these:


Bike 2 Work

NHS (Vivup)


Green Commute Initiative

Salary Extras / Caboodle

Halfords Cycle2Work

Evans Ride-to-Work

How do I purchase using a Cycle to Work scheme?

Speak to your HR department to find out which Cycle to Work scheme your work place is registered with.

Get your voucher

Step 1

Select your bike and add to your basket

Step 2

In the basket click on 'get a cyclescheme quote'

Step 3

Print off or save the quote and pass on to your employer's Cycle To Work administrators

Step 4

Await your vouchers arrival

Then what happens?

Step 1

When you receive your voucher, create an account or log in in to your existing account before proceeding to the checkout. Add your bike to the basket, proceed to checkout and when you reach the payment screen select the appropriate 'Cycle to Work' or ‘Cyclescheme’ payment option and complete your order.

Step 2

Send in your Cycle to Work voucher along with your order number to [email protected] so we may process your order. (if your provider is, then simply input the voucher codes during checkout as requested at time of order).

Step 3

Your bike is then built and delivered as normal. Salary sacrifice will commence from when you receive your bike.

How much could I save?

You can save on average somewhere between 25-39% of the value of your order dependant upon the rate of tax that you pay.

Create a bundle

Cycle schemes are not just for bikes. You can also purchase components and accessories. In fact, you can purchase everything you need to be able ride your bike.

Add all the items you require to your basket and then click the link on the page to get your Cycle scheme quote.

Frequently asked questions
How much can I save?

You can use the handy calculator above to work out what you can expect to save. On average it is between 25-39% (dependent upon the rate of tax that you pay).

How does the scheme work?

You order a bike and then hire it back from your employer for an agreed period; by way of monthly payments which are deducted directly from your salary. At the end of this hire period, your employer will normally let you keep the bike (they may charge you a nominal fee, however, this is at the discretion of your employer).

What vouchers do you accept?

We accept vouchers from all cycle to work providers, if you are uncertain please Contact Us for further assistance.

Can I top up the voucher?

The guidance for Cycle to Work has been updated and resulted in the cap being raised over £1000, however, this also means that it is no longer possible to top up a voucher. If in doubt please Contact Us for further assistance.

What if the value of the bike exceeds £1000?

The government updated their guidance for Cycle to Work which resulted in the £1000 limit being scrapped. However, this now means that it is at the sole discretion of the employer as to whether they are happy to allow bikes over the value of £1000 to be ordered on the scheme. Some scheme providers have an online tool where you can quickly check your employer's limit. You should, therefore, always check with your employer before obtaining a quote.

Can I include the carriage fee within the voucher?

Yes, the carriage fee can be included in the total value of the voucher.

When do I order the bike?

Once you receive your voucher, you can order the bike as normal on the website and select either; the ‘cyclescheme’ payment option (if you have a voucher from or ‘Other Cycle To Work Schemes’ if you have a voucher from any other provider.

Are there any items that are ineligible?

All bikes, parts, and accessories are available to order with the exception of;

  • Power meters
  • Bike Computers and GPS units
Why can't I see the Cyclescheme option in the checkout?

Firstly, ensure there are no ineligible items in your basket.

Then please create an account, or log in to an existing account before proceeding to the checkout. You'll then be able to see the Cyclescheme option in the checkout payment methods.

Can I return the bike under the 30-day test ride policy?

No, Cycle to Work bikes are excluded from this offer.

What if I need to return or exchange anything?

Items can be exchanged like for like or to same value. Returns must be in as new condition and require written employer authorisation. See our Returns information.

Can I add additional items onto the order to make up the balance of the voucher?

Yes, you can. Your order must match the value of your voucher (which is why most employers insist on a quote first).

Cycle to Work vouchers we accept
  • Green Commute Initiative.
  • Bike 2 Work.
  • NHS (Vivup).
  • Enjoy Benefits.
  • Halfords Cycle2Work.
  • Cycleplus.
  • Salary Extras/Caboodle
  • Evans Ride-to-Work
Recent changes to cycle scheme rules
What’s changed.

Prior to June 2019 the limit was capped at £1000. The DFT have since updated their guidance to allow Certificates of any value to be requested.

Why has it changed?

Due to their value, e-bikes were precluded from being ordered through the scheme. Given their popularity and demand for cycle commuting this was a major issue.

Therefore, the Cycle to Work Alliance (CTWA) lobbied for changes to the scheme to promote more cycling inclusivity, which also happened to include the purchase of e-bikes. This has resulted in the limit of the scheme being updated so that you can now obtain a market leading Ribble e-bike.

Can any employee order a bike over £1000?

Not necessarily, employers are free to set any limit that they see fit. Therefore, before applying for a Cycle to Work certificate we would first advise that you to speak to your employer’s cycle to work administrator. They will provide you with all the necessary information that you need for your application.

(If your employer already has their own FCA authorisation then they probably already accept orders above £1000).


E-bikes are changing the way that we travel but are more expensive than traditional bikes. You can now get your hands on one of the most advanced e-bikes in the world for a fraction of its RRP.

Is the Cycle to Work worth it?

Absolutely! Previously you would only make any savings on the first £1000 of the total value of the order. Now you make savings across the value of the entire bike package. These savings could save you on average somewhere between 25-39% of the value of the order. We think you will agree this is a substantial saving.