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Three year warranty for Ribble branded Frames and Forks

At Ribble, we care about every single bike that we make and build and we want you to have confidence when purchasing one of our award-winning frames. That’s why we offer a Three Year Warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser of Ribble branded frame and forks. Read our Warranty terms & conditions here.

Individual, innovative design by creative designers and highly qualified engineers
Individual, innovative design by creative designers and highly qualified engineers.
Specified by you, and then precisely engineered by our qualified mechanics in the UK
Specified by you, and then precisely assembled and tuned by our qualified mechanics in England.
Tried, tested and approved by professional cyclists and industry journalists, worldwide
Tried, tested and approved by professional cyclists and industry journalists, worldwide.
Every bike is signed off by our Head Mechanic after passing stringent checks.
Every bike passes a stringent safety and quality checklist before despatch or collection.

The Ribble Three Year Warranty only applies to Ribble branded products, all other components are subject to the manufacturer's warranty, even if packaged or sold with Ribble products. Please see your product box and literature for details.

Warranty Terms

All new Ribble frames and forks are sold with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty which will cover structural defects in material or manufacturing arising during the course of normal use. The warranty will commence from the date the bike is received by the buyer.

A 3-year warranty is applicable to all Ribble branded frames and forks sold after February 1st 2018. For bikes sold prior to this date please refer to the warranty terms on the date the bike was originally purchased. If you are unsure about the original date of purchase or the warranty terms at the time of purchase please phone 01772 963 400 with your order number and date of purchase and one of our Customer Service Advisors will be able to give you details on the warranty terms that apply to your bike.

Warranty Conditions

The Ribble 3-year warranty applies to the original purchaser of the bike only and cannot be extended or transferred to a third party.

Ribble reserves the right to physically inspect any frame or fork suspected of being faulty or defective. We may ask for images or descriptions of a fault to help us process a warranty claim before asking for the frame or fork to be returned. Any request for additional details is to assist us with the processing of a warranty claim and are not in lieu of any physical inspection.

When possible we will look to repair or replace any faulty products free of charge in the first instance where a fault has been identified. Replacements will be offered on a like-for-like basis where the value of the replacement goods will match the value of the faulty goods at the original time of purchase. While we will endeavour to offer an exact replacement we are not always able to guarantee replacement products will be an exact, aesthetic, match for the original in terms of style, colourway or graphics, all of which may change between model years. Replacements will be offered based on stock availability at the time of a warranty claim.


This warranty does not cover:

  • Frames and forks returned without an original order number or proof of purchase.
  • Frames and forks purchased second hand.
  • Frames and forks returned with the serial number removed, tampered with, damaged or otherwise unreadable.
  • Frames and forks affected by the following:
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Cosmetic damage arising over time (i.e not apparent at the time of purchase).
    • Corrosion.
    • Crash, crush or impact damage
    • Misuse, neglect, improper care, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance.
    • Incorrect installation of replacement parts.
    • Modifications.
    • Work carried out by third parties unless agreed in writing by Ribble.
Starting a Warranty Claim

If you suspect your frame, fork or other Ribble product is presenting with a structural defect please stop using the product immediately and contact us by email at [email protected] or calling us on 01772 963 400.

In order to process a warranty claim quickly and efficiently we’ll need a few details about the bike and rider before we can proceed with a claim.

About the rider:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number

About the bike:

  • Order number
  • Date of purchase
  • Model of frame/fork.
  • Frame number
  • A brief description of the suspected fault


  • One picture of the complete bike
  • Three close up pictures of the suspected fault
  • One picture of the frame number (found under the bottom bracket)

Once we have assessed the requested information that has been supplied we will work with you to ensure that the bike is returned to our Ribble HQ as quickly and effieinctly as possible. To facilitate the return of your bike we can provide you with suitable packaging in order to safely box the bike for transport. Once the bike is boxed our customer service team are able to arrange collection of the bike with our carrier, simply let us know where you like the bike collecting from and when and we will work with you to ensure this happens within reason.

The process of returning a bike under warranty internationally may differ as we may not be able to arrange collection on your behalf. In these cases we will offer to refund any postage costs incurred in returning the bike using your chosen courier, just send us a copy of your postage receipt by email.

Crash / Out of Warranty Replacement Program

If, for any reason, the repair or replacement of your Ribble frame or fork is not covered under our warranty we will offer preferential pricing on replacement frames, forks, and other components to get your bike back on the road. We’ll be happy to discuss the various options available to you.