E-Bike Rental

We know that E-Bikes are a big investment and that many people would like to ‘try before they buy’, so we’ve partnered with select locations around the country to offer you the opportunity to rent out our some of our advanced, market-leading e-bikes. Take the bike out for an extended period of time and ensure that it’s right for you and your style of riding.

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Plus, if you rent out a Ribble e-bike and subsequently complete a purchase following your rental, we will refund the cost of your initial rental against the purchase price of the bike (up to one full day’s hire). This means you can experience all of the amazing benefits that a Ribble e-bike has to offer; with no additional cost should you go on to buy one. Simply speak to our rental partners after your ride to secure your exclusive rental code which can be used to claim your discount when purchasing your new Ribble e-bike.

Rental Locations
e-venture bikes
E-Venture Bikes

Bikes available: Ribble Endurance SLe

Price: £40 for half a day, £70 for full day hire (both refundable if a bike is purchased)

Elliot Park


CA12 5NZ

United Kingdom

+44 (0)17687 71363

[email protected]