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    The Gravel AL e is a lightweight electric gravel bike that looks, rides, and feels just like a non-powered gravel bike. With the extra power of the X35+ motor when you need it most, you can explore further into the forest, conquer the toughest mountains or seek out your next off-road adventure. Extend your rides further, blitz through trails faster, and experience the freedom to do what you love most, exploring the paths yet to be discovered.


    With its powerful motor system, huge tyre clearance and off-road ready components, the Gravel AL e was created to make gravel adventures more accessible. Its comfortable off-road focused geometry and plentiful luggage capacity ensures that the Gravel AL e’s versatility extends to weekends of fun-filled off-road exploration. With the option to add a range extender you can effectively increase the available range by up to 70%, allowing you to ride further and faster than you ever thought possible.


    A sleek and lightweight MAHLE SmartBike Systems X35+ hub drive motor and a Panasonic 250Wh battery hidden within the frames downtube provides up to 250W of assistance to each pedal stroke, all at the press of a button. The extra assistance feels as natural as a non-powered gravel bike and will help you effortlessly navigate the toughest off-road terrain or conquer any climb.

    LONG & LOW

    Designed for off-road riding and conquering extreme gravel tracks, gravel optimised geometry offers a longer and lower frame for a more planted feel over technical terrain. An oversized 56mm semi-integrated headset allows for the cables to be routed internally for sleek, clean aesthetics and are combined with a shorter stem and gravel-specific flared handlebars to provide greater confidence and control with the added practicality of barbag clearance.


    Multiple frame mounts for even the most extreme of bike packing requirements. These include two sets of water bottle mounts inside the main triangle as well as mounts for a rear rack. Plus, there are ‘carryall’ mounts on the front fork that allow the attachment of oversize cages for items such as dry bags, ground mats and sleeping bags.


    Whether you prefer your tyres wide and aggressive or narrow and fast, you can now have your cake and eat it. There’s huge clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres and a wide selection of tyres with multiple tread patterns available in BikeBuilder offers the perfect solution for all types of gravel terrain.


    Internal cable routing offers sleek, clean looks and protects the cables from dirt and grime. This also extends to the possibility of upgrading to an internally routed dropper post to make the ride as wild as you like and compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic gearing.


    Pair your phone and smartwatch with the MAHLE SmartBike Systems app to unlock a multitude of additional features.

    • Available range
    • Speedometer
    • Battery capacity check
    • Diagnostic info
    • Heart rate compatible
    • ... and much more!
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    Buy any bike from Ribble and we will provide you with specialist cycling insurance for your bike, including £250 accessories cover and Theft & Accidental Damage for 30 days in partnership with Pedalsure.

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    Frequently Asked
    How much does the Gravel AL e weigh?

    The Sport Edition weighs 14.10kg, Enthusiast 13.9kg and Pro 13.8kg.

    Should I choose a Gravel AL e or CGR AL e-bike?

    If you're torn between the two models and are unsure about which would fulfil your cycling needs best, why not check out our CGR vs Gravel blog. We outline the key differences between the all-road capabilities of the CGR and the off-road specific Gravel range.

    What is the warranty on the frame?

    The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.

    How do I select the power assist level?

    An easy-to-use button situated on the top tube enables you to select the level of assistance that you require and also displays the remaining battery capacity.

    How will I know how much battery I have left?

    The top tube button has an LED surround that displays the remaining battery capacity at a glance using a simple colour code. White=75% or more, Green=50-75%, Amber=25-50%, Red=15-25%, Slow Red Flash=10-15% and rapid Red Flash=10% or less remaining. You can also keep track of battery life using the Ebikemotion companion app on a smartphone.

    Do I need to pedal to ride this bike?

    Our e-bikes are pedal-assisted models and require rider input at all times.

    Is it possible to test ride the bike?

    You can test ride any of our e-bikes and receive expert buying advice at our flagship Clitheroe showroom. Please contact the showroom in advance so that we can ensure that any suitable bikes you wish to test are available for your visit. During the summer months, we also host demo events across the UK. For details of the dates and timings of these events, please refer to our events page.

    Alternatively, you can hire the e-bike from E-Venture Bikes in Keswick; the rental cost will then be deducted from your purchase should you decide to buy one of our e-bikes.

    I’m worried that I won’t have full control of the bike.

    Don't worry; being a pedal-assisted model means you are always in full control. The motor simply provides a little extra boost when a power assist level is selected while you pedal. It does not take over.

    Do I need tax, insurance, or a licence to ride the e-bikes?

    No, pedal-assisted electric bikes do not require you to hold a valid driver’s licence, pay any road tax or take out insurance. Having some form of insurance on all bikes is always good practice.

    How do I charge the battery?

    To charge the battery, you simply plug the bike into a conventional household power socket using the supplied charger and cable. An optional range extender can also charge the main battery if a socket is not close at hand.

    Can I ride this bike in the wet?

    The electric components used on our e-bikes are IP54 rated. They are protected against splashing but not against full immersion. The electric bike should never be subjected to pressurised water from a hose pipe or jet wash; failure to adhere to this may damage the motor system's electrical components . When transporting the bike outside of a vehicle, a waterproof cover should be used to protect the electronic components from water ingress during transportation.

    What range can I expect from the bike?

    The Gravel AL e's range depends upon several factors, including rider weight, route profile, tyre pressures and temperature. A rider of 90kg on a varied route including climbs, descents and flats can expect an approximate range of up to 60 miles. An optional range extender is also available for all our e-bikes, adding an extra 70% range.

    Can the battery be removed?

    Yes, the battery can easily be accessed through the bottom bracket shell by a MAHLE-certified technician. The press-fit bottom bracket must be removed to facilitate the removal of the battery.

    What is the life expectancy of the battery?

    Like any battery, it will degrade over time, in this case, after approximately 500 charging cycles. Please take some time to read our battery care blog in which we outline the best practices to maximise the performance of your e-bike's battery.

    Can I purchase this bike on a Cycle to Work Scheme?

    Yes, the government removed the £1000 ceiling, making obtaining an e-bike on Cycle to Work more accessible and beneficial than ever.

    Are the cables internally routed?

    Yes, all the cables are routed internally, including the ability to fit a dropper post with internal routing. Includes compatibility with Shimano Di2 electronic systems.

    What is the maximum width of tyre that can be fitted to the bike?

    There is clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres. This is reduced to 40mm if mudguards are fitted.

    Can I fit a pannier rack?

    Yes, there are discreet mounts for a rear pannier rack as well as ‘carryall’ mounts on the front forks to enable the fitting of oversize cages for rolled-up luggage such as sleeping bags, ground mats etc.

    Does it take mudguards?

    Yes, there are eyelets on the frame and forks for the fitting of full-coverage mudguards. It should be noted that the maximum tyre size with mudguards is 40mm.

    How many bottle cage mounts are there?

    Two, one on the down tube and the other on the seat tube.

    Is it Di2 compatible?

    Thanks to its fully internal cable routing, the frame is compatible with electronic groupsets.

    What is the maximum rider weight?

    We recommend a total rider and bike weight of 120kgs.

    What type of bottom bracket does the frame require?

    The Gravel AL e requires a Press Fit BB86 bottom bracket.

    What size seat post does this bike require?

    The Gravel AL e is compatible with 27.2mm seat posts.

    What type of brakes fit this frame?

    The frame takes flat mount disc brakes.

    Are the axles quick release or bolt thru?

    The front forks require a thru-axle of dimensions 100/122/M12*P1.5; the rear is a bolt-on axle.

    Is the bike supplied with pedals?

    Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes, but you can find a great selection of pedals here.


    The MAHLE SmartBike Systems smartphone app can help you keep track of all you need with journeys, locations, speeds, maps and much more.

    Should you have a problem with the system and you have the app connected, our experts can run remote diagnostics from wherever you are to help get you back on your journey.


    Download the brochure and user guides to get started with the MAHLE SmartBike System.

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