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    Fancy something more customised. No problem. Build your dream bike, including personalizing with the CustomColor by creating your own specification here.


    The Urban AL e's contemporary style and easy-to-use power assistance will quickly make it your ideal companion as you zip around town; running errands, shopping for groceries, or commuting to work. Every aspect has been designed to make your everyday ride easier. A refined hop on/off design provides easy access, and its light weight makes carrying it onto public transport or up and down stairs a simple task. Beat the traffic through the city streets or take the long route for fitness or fun.


    Whether you’re ditching the car for fitness or fun, starting your ride on one of the lightest e-bikes of its type gets your day off to the perfect start. This uber chic and comfy urban electric bike is fast, comfortable, and a dream to ride. Go about your day in the knowledge that the Urban AL e will smoothly assist you when an incline comes your way. Ditching the car's never been so much fun.


    Utilising the latest e-bike technology, a discreet superlight MAHLE hub drive motor system delivers a ride that’s so natural that you could be forgiven for forgetting that it’s electric. With three power modes to choose from, you can select as much or as little assistance as you need. A handy walk mode feature provides a little extra boost of assistance should you need to dismount and push the bike along.


    The conveniently mounted iWoc Trio control button enables you to control the motor assist level at the push of a button. Without ever needing to remove your hands from their natural position on the handlebars.


    Ergonomically designed handlebars deliver a comfortable and upright riding position that provides a commanding view of the road and scenery ahead. An integrated computer mount allows for easy installation of the Pulsar One to display all the information that you need on one handy screen.


    Keep track of your battery level and capture ride data with a smart display that offers connectivity to the e-bike's system. Change assist levels, activate the lights and view remaining range, all from one screen. With minimal energy consumption and a long-life battery you'll never have to worry about it running out of juice mid-ride.


    The little things make a big difference and that's why the Urban AL e comes fully kitted out with all the accessories that you need to get around town. Front and rear racks offer quick and easy carrying, robust alloy mudguards to fend off the dirt, powerful integrated lights and a kickstand for easy parking.


    Pair your phone and smartwatch to the MAHLE SmartBike Systems app to unlock an unprecedented level of bike and rider interaction with a multitude of additional features.

    • Available range
    • Strava connectivity
    • Speedometer
    • Battery capacity check
    • Diagnostic info
    • Heart rate compatible
    • ... and much more!
    Custom Colour

    We create the bike, you decide the design. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

    Just select customise after choosing your size.

    Your Bike. Your Way
    Combi Lock

    For those occasions when you do not need a really high security lock, this cable Combi Lock is a great choice for places like a cafe stop. Lightweight but still relatively strong it will stop any opportunist riding away with your bicycle if you turn your back for a few seconds. The resettable combination lock means that there is no need to carry any keys around with you. It’s also long enough to feed through a few bikes and around something secure.

    View Combi Lock
    Range Extender Battery

    Extend your ride and travel further than ever before with the MAHLE battery extender. This handy addition takes the place of an existing bottle cage mount and plugs directly into the charger port above the bikes bottom bracket and when utilised extends the range by an impressive 70% . When combined with the internally mounted main battery it almost doubles the capacity to a total of 456W/h, allowing you to ride on full assist for up to an extra 2 hours.

    View Battery Extender

    The MAHLE SmartBike Systems smartphone app can help you keep track of all you need with journeys, locations, speeds, maps and much more.

    Should you have a problem with the system and you have the app connected our experts can run remote diagnostics from wherever you are to help get you back on your journey.


    Download the brochure and user guides to get started with the MAHLE SmartBike system.

    Free Insurance for 30 Days

    Buy any bike from Ribble and we will provide you with specialist cycling insurance for your bike, including £250 accessories cover and Theft & Accidental Damage for 30 days in partnership with Pedalsure.

    If you decide to keep your insurance, a 15% discount is applied on the remainder of your policy! Learn more about PedalSure.

    Ride. Smart.
    Frequently Asked
    Will I have full control of the bike?

    Yes, this is a pedal-assisted e-bike and always requires rider input. When a power assistance level is selected the motor provides a smooth and consistent boost of power to each pedal stroke.

    Do I need tax or insurance to ride this bike?

    No, as a pedal-assisted e-bike, limited to a maximum speed of 25kph/15mph, you are not required to hold a valid driver’s licence, pay taxes, or take out insurance.

    What exactly is a Step Through bike?

    A step through bike’s design includes a sloped top tube (sometime referred to as a crossbar) which allows you to simply step on and off the bike without having to swing your leg over the saddle. This makes it especially suited to riding when wearing restrictive clothing, commuting while dressed in business attire, or for those who have restricted flexibility.

    What size bike do I need?

    The Urban AL e is available in 3 sizes; Small to fit rider heights 5’0” to 5’6” (152-167cm), Medium 5’6” to 5’10” (168-178cm), 5'10" to 6'2" (178-188cm).

    What is the range of the Urban AL e?

    This is dependent upon many factors including rider weight/fitness, route profile and ambient temperature. A rider of 90kgs, on a varied route that includes climbs, descents and flats can expect an average distance of approximately 60-miles.

    How do I control how much power the motor delivers?

    Three power settings are available at the press of a button, low, medium, and max assistance, so you can select the setting that you need to suit the terrain. The bike comes fitted with an iWoc Trio control unit that is conveniently mounted to the handlebars. You can cycle through the assistance levels simply by clicking the upper or lower buttons without having to remove your hands from the handlebars or take your eyes off the road ahead. Check out our blog for a step by step guide to operating the e-bike system.

    How much does it weigh?

    The total weight including all of its integrated accessories is 17.5kg.

    What's the maximum load that the front and rear racks can accommodate?

    The maximum load weight for the rear rack is 15kgs and 10kgs for the front rack.

    Can I ride this bike in the wet?

    The electric components used on our e-bikes are IP54 rated. They are protected against splashing, but not against full immersion. The electric bike should never be subjected to pressurised water from a hose pipe or jet wash. Failure to adhere to this may result in damage to the electrical components that comprise the motor system. When transporting the bike on the outside of a vehicle a waterproof cover should be used to ensure the protection of the electronic components from water ingress during transportation.

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    From fully depleted, the battery reaches full capacity in just 3.5 hours and can be charged from any household power socket.

    How will I know how much battery remains?

    The handlebar mounted iWoc Trio control button has built in LED’s which display how much battery power remains. It displays this using a simple traffic light system, white indicates a full charge, progressing down through Green, Amber and finally Red to indicate that there is 25% or less remaining. The Pulsar One computer also displays relevant system data so you can keep track of your remaining battery power and have all the details of the ride at your fingertips..

    What is the widest tyre that I can fit?

    The widest tyre that can be accommodated is 40mm.

    What if I get a puncture?

    It is just as simple as fixing a puncture on a normal bike, except you first need to disconnect the rear wheel by unclipping the connector at the chainstay and releasing the wheel nuts on the axle. Once the puncture has been repaired you simply bolt the wheel back on and connect the cable once again.

    What sort of a pump will I need?

    The most common type of inner tube valve is the Presta high-pressure valve and this is what this bike comes fitted with. There are a couple of options in terms of a pump, firstly you want something that can be carried either on the bike or in a jersey pocket. The most popular types are.

    • Mini Pump – A small pump that normally includes a clip that can be bolted onto a bottle cage mount on the bike or that is small enough to fit into a cycling jersey pocket or bag.
    • CO2 pump – CO2 pumps use a pressurised CO2 canister to inflate the inner tube, much faster and much more efficient. The only drawback is that a full canister is required for a roadside repair.
    • Hybrid Pump – Some models of pumps are compatible with CO2 canisters as well as having the option to inflate the tube normally. The best of both worlds.
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