Urban Bikes

Get out and explore.

Slipping through a side street or out exploring, our urban bikes have you covered. As versatile as they are durable, these bikes will get you from A to B, fast, comfortably and in style.

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Urban bikes as their name suggests are designed to be used predominantly within towns and cities. Urban bikes will normally be used as commuter bikes or simply leisure bikes for rides out with the family etc. They are normally fitted with flat handlebars which people find offer greater control and comfort over shorter distances like an inner-city commute. There are three sub categories to urban bikes; fixed gear / fixie, single speed and geared. The fixie is beloved by cycle couriers and urban commuters alike thanks to how simple they are to maintain. Similarly, to a track bike when you stop pedalling the back-wheel acts as a brake and locks. In this regard the rear wheel also becomes a rear brake so only a front brake is required to make it road legal. Though this may be subject to change in the future, front and rear brakes may require to be fitted for road use. A single speed bike is exactly the same as a fixed road bike but instead utilises a freewheel so, when you stop pedalling the back wheel will still rotates. To be used on the road the bike must be fitted with front and rear brakes. Geared urban bikes can also be referred to as a hybrid style of bike. They are a cross between a road bike and mountain bike. They take the comfortable riding position of a mountain bike and combine it with road bike parts to make it faster when on-road. The result is a bike with the capability to be used on canal towpaths and bridleways but with the ability to be ridden at a fair.


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