Gravel Bikes

Multi-Terrain Versatility and Performance

Maximise your performance on dirt, gravel, or road. Our range of rugged gravel bikes is designed to excel across any terrain. Drop the hammer on gravel, bikepack into the wilderness or tear up singletrack, these bikes do-it-all, only faster.

Available in 4 different frame materials, you can customise the build to obtain the bike that you want to suit almost every budget. Compatible with both 650b & 700c wheels, you can fine-tune the specification to suit your preferred riding style. With the addition of mudguard and luggage mounts, these versatile machines also make for hugely capable adventure tourers/bike trekkers and all-weather commuters.

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Gravel bikes are probably the most versatile bikes on the market today. They fulfil a number of roles across different disciplines, commuter bikes, off-road gravel bikes and they can even double up as a cyclocross bike for anyone looking to try out cross racing. Their versatility stems from their dual wheel size compatibility which in turn opens up a whole host of available tyre options which can be catered to the chosen style of riding.

In terms of aesthetics a gravel bike will not look too dissimilar to a road racing machine unless you look at them closely. Where they differ markedly is in the tyre clearance, a road bike will normally have a 28mm tyre clearance and possibly up to 32mm with disc brakes. A gravel bike can be expected to have a clearance in the 45mm to 50mm range. This increase in width serves a dual purpose, firstly it improves grip when off-road, secondly a wider tyre is run at a lower pressure which improves comfort and vibration dampening (compliance).

All gravel bikes will be equipped with disc brakes as standard, disc brakes offer by far the best braking performance than any other type of brake. This is much more beneficial when commuting daily in all-weathers or when riding over mixed terrains / surfaces, which you can expect to encounter when riding off-road.


Spend £350* or more with us and you can apply to spread the cost with our finance partner V12. We allow you to control how much deposit you want to pay - whether it's half the cost or nothing at all you can choose.

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