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    MEET THE ULTRA ROAD, a road bike designed with a simple brief – to be the fastest aero road bike in the world. Not just designed to be the fastest when tested in isolation, but the fastest in the real world.
    An aero

    Watt-saving gains achieved across all areas of the frameset, the Ultra SLR has been optimised to perform in real-world conditions, specifically around 5-10° of YAW to simulate the crosswinds commonly experienced by a cyclist. Every aspect of this pioneering aero bike is engineered to slice through the air with class-leading efficiency and scalpel-like precision.

    Based on the drag savings demonstrated in the Wind Tunnel and further evidenced in Real World testing, when riding the Ultra SL R, Enthusiast riders* would achieve on average a 75.1 second saving over 40km, and 61.4 seconds for Pro's**.

    *Enthusiast rider = based on test speed of 22mph.
    **Pro rider = based on test speed of 29mph.
    Time savings calculated from Drag savings in real world and
    wind tunnel comparison testing. See p.19/20 in R&D Paper for results.

    Benchmarked against the optimised and race proven Endurance SL R, tested with bike and rider, from CFD to wind tunnel and real world. Resulting in a bike with significant performance gains, delivering an average 69.2 seconds advantage over 40kms across a full YAW sweep up to 20°.

    Visit our dedicated page to find out more about our research and development process

    STAT: Quoted as average between 5-10 degrees of YAW.

    the Ultra bar

    The innovative Ultra Aero handlebar has been designed entirely around bike and rider interaction. It's design has been optimised to ensure that every element of the handlebar manages airflow upstream of the rider, encapsulating ergonomics, component integration as well as groundbreaking aerodynamics. The industry standard brake lever design previously limited all handlebars to a conventional shape. By dispensing with this requirement the Ultra Aero bars wake generating design creates a drag reduction zone (DRZ) for the rider's legs to sit within, resulting in a net drag reduction of around 2.1% for bike and rider. This translates to an average 23.2-second advantage over a full YAW sweep vs the already aerodynamically-optimised LEVEL 5 integrated cockpit.

    through innovation

    Every element of the frame, fork, and seat post has been dissected, analysed, profiled, and tested in the pursuit of ultimate aerodynamic performance. To minimise drag, the forks form a holistic package with the headtube and handlebars to maximise airflow across a complete range of YAW. With fork blades of 68mmx15mm proving to be the optimal sweet spot for performance, providing significant aero gains at 5° and beyond. The profile of the fork and the position of the blade in relation to the rider and other downstream elements of the bike optimises airflow across the entirety of the bike. This interaction proved so harmoniously efficient that from 10° of YAW, the tube profile, in fact, starts to generate thrust, helping to propel you, rather than push you back.

    Ultra cockpit

    The industry-leading Ultra Aero carbon integrated cockpit achieves unmatched aerodynamic integration through innovation. Working as a holistic package with the headtube and forks, the handlebars bars work to manage airflow upstream of the rider. By adding wake generators to the underside of the bars, vortexes are directed around the rider to create a drag reduction zone, resulting in a net drag reduction of 2.1% for bike and rider. Low in weight, and providing stealth cable routing, the super-stiff carbon monocoque handlebar system is ergonomically and aerodynamically optimised for comfort and performance, with no significant penalty when riding on the hoods.

    Disc brakes

    The hallmark of any aero bike is its clean aesthetics and streamlined form. Integration of the brake mounts move the brakes inboard of the fork profile to enhance airflow over the front end and minimise the effects of drag.

    Drag minimising

    The head tube area has been carefully optimised to ensure aerodynamic performance, torsional stiffness and compatibility with internal cable routing. Extending the trailing edge and optimising where it transitions into the top tube demonstrates consistent performance gains that widen to 1.5% at 10° of YAW.

    Aero enhanced

    Aerodynamically optimised tube shapes ensure that the transition between the headtube, fork, and lower downtube performs from both an aerodynamic and handling perspective in the full range of YAW conditions typically encountered by a cyclist. The lower section of the downtube has been optimised to be faster with a bottle than without, demonstrating an advantage in generating thrust from 10° including the bottle. A crucial transition with the bottom bracket provides the torsional stiffness required for optimal power transfer which results in tangible performance gains.

    Airfoil seat tube

    The optimised and truncated seat tube profile conforms to the curvature of the rear wheel to shield the leading edge from the wind and significantly enhance aerodynamic performance by reducing turbulence.

    Shaped for

    The rear seat stay profiles are aerodynamically perfected to provide the ideal drag-defying ratio of width to depth which significantly improves airflow over the rear end. Positioning the stays in perfect alignment with the forks maintains optimal flow attachment and reduces drag downstream of the rider for superior aerodynamics and lateral stiffness.

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    Frequently Asked
    How much does the Ultra weigh?

    The Toray T1000/T800 carbon frame weighs 1050g and the forks 495g, for a combined total of 1545g (size medium). Complete build weights are; Sport - 8.25kg, Enthusiast - 8.20kg, Hero - 7.8kg.

    What warranty is offered on the frame?

    The frame is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 3-years, all other components are covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty.

    How heavy are the Ultra Aero handlebars?

    The Ultra Aero carbon integrated carbon handlebars tip the scales at 450g.

    Are the Ultra Aero handlebars available on other models?

    The Ultra Aero handlebars are an exclusive element of the Ultra SL R and are not currently offered on any other model of bike.

    What type of bottom bracket does it take?

    The Ultra has a 68mm BSA threaded bottom bracket shell, allowing for ease of maintenance and enhanced reliability.

    Is the Ultra SL R UCI legal?

    The Ultra SL R has been approved to compete in UCU sanctioned events by cycling's governing body. However, to conform to article 1.3.024 of the UCI regulations the disc brake adaptor on the front fork must be swapped out for the race legal version that is supplied with each bike. Failure to follow these guidelines when competing in events carried out under UCI regulations will result in disqualification.

    Are the cables internally routed?

    Yes, the integrated handlebars, in combination with the frameset, enable all the cables to be fully hidden. Preserving the super sleek lines of the Ultra to reduce wind resistance and maximise drag savings.

    What brake levers are compatible with the direct mount handlebars?

    All standard brake levers are compatible. The clamp that is normally used to affix the lever to conventional handlebars is removed and the lever is then bolts directly into the handlebars.

    What is the maximum tyre size?

    The frame is aero-optimised around 28mm tyres and can accommodate a maximum of 32mm.

    Can I fit a power meter?

    Yes, the Ultra SL R is compatible with all of the popular power meters on the market.

    Does the bike come fitted with handlebar tape?

    The ergonomic design and textured finish of the Ultra Aero handlebar means that bar tape is not required. Testing has been carried out in varied weather conditions to ensure that they perform as well in the wet as they do in the dry. However, if you prefer the feel of bar tape it's easy to retrofit.

    Does the Ultra require a specific type of bottle cage?

    No, the Ultra's testing was conducted with a standard water bottle cage and bottle and the frame has been optimised to be faster when they are fitted than without.

    How many bottle cage mounts are there?

    Two, situated on the down tube and seat tube.

    Are the axles thru-axle or quick release?

    The frame requires thru-axles of 100/125/M12*P1.5 front and 142/173/M12*P1.5 rear.

    Is it compatible with mudguards?

    Due to the Ultra SL R being a speed-centric aero bike, mudguard mounts have not been incorporated into the frame's design.

    What is the maximum rider weight?

    We recommend a maximum rider plus bike weight of 120kgs.

    How do I attach the Ultra carbon tri bar extensions?

    The carbon extensions bolt into the underside of the handlebars, using the 2 holes that would normally be reserved for an out-front computer mount. If you wish to fit a cycle or GPS computer with the extensions fitted, you can attach the computer directly to the central section of the extensions .

    Can I fit a computer to the handlebars?

    Yes, the underside of the handlebars have mounting points which are compatible with most types of bolt-on style out-front computer mounts.

    Is it possible to fit the Ultra Clip-On extensions and out front mount at the same time?

    It is only possible to fit the extensions OR an out-front mount, not both together.

    Is there a weight limit for the extensions?

    The extensions do not support any body weight so any ride weight limit recommendation applies to the bike only.

    Is the bike supplied with pedals?

    Due to the many different systems that people use, we do not supply pedals with bikes. But you can find a great selection of pedals here.

    Research & Development

    Built for speed, the Ultra SL R/SL is a superfast aero bike that offers everyone from the everyday road rider to pro racers a significant performance advantage in their pursuit of speed. Its advanced aerodynamic frame and forks, optimised for outright speed gives you the power to dominate everywhere, from bunch sprints to alpine climbs or lone breakaways.

    Read more about the development of the Ultra range
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